Inner Light Journeys LLC


Greetings Joanne ~
(My return home) has been an interesting transition. ...  Finally starting to feel back in the state of normalcy.  Whatever that is, Peru helped me to move out of it and find comfort and content in the many wonderful moments of a very different and beautiful place. Thank you for your very thoughtful planning of and oh so memorable trip. I would be very interested in attending next year. ...."

Peace and blessings. Diane


Dear Joanne & Betty

It has been almost a week since our return from the

most wonderful, magical, and inspiring trip.

You and Betty worked so hard to create a meaningful

journey. Thank you for all of your thought, effort and

love.We loved meeting our Peruvian friends and hope

we can continue a friendship from across the land.

They are love, heart and spirit.


Thank you again.




 “Thanks again Joanne. Such a great trip – continuing

to process it and marvel at the connections we made

with an ancient culture.“                             Carli


 Hi Joanne,

“I’ve been thinking of the group and the trip so much since being back. I think at first I had withdrawal~ it was almost like I didn’t know what to do with myself. You and Betty did an amazing job and it really is something I will always remember”…”Thank you again for taking such good care of us.“    

Love ~ Marla